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PHP With Wordpress

How would you think Facebook stores and keeps up all the data that you transfer? How does creature store a huge number of resumes and client data? All the sites which store a lot of data has a backend database dialect, which keeps up a server that works same as the hard drive in your machine. PHP  is a mainstream, solid programming dialect which goes about as an establishment of numerous savvy, information driven sites.

Web Development Course with PHP & MYSQL @SBCreativo has a real concentrate on providing for you the complete information which you require to construct a strong backend for a site. This course is isolated into 14 modules which are proposed to change a tenderfoot to a certain web engineer. Our industry specialists will demonstrate to you best practices to make the most out of these free source innovations furthermore impart the best practices which are followed in the business. We will be utilizing the XAMPP segments Apache + MYSQL + PHP  to make a complete working site. We will make you take in the most capable script of the web (Javascript) which assumes an imperative part in building intelligent Web Applications furthermore AJAX that helps you make secure and productive web benefits on the site. So enlist now and take in the most effective open source server side scripting dialect!

Learning Outcomes:

Post completion  of the ‘Web Development Course’ at SBCreativo, you will be capable form useful and full-emphasized sites that use Mysql and PHP. Your aptitude will increment on the accompanying lines:

·         Introducing PHP and Mysql innovations on your neighborhood machine and additionally facilitated servers.

·         Blending a safe PHP and Mysql at backend of a site with a visual interface made out of CSS and Javascript code.

·         Introducing, arranging and changing useful PHP develops and Mysql databases for the web.

·         Utilization item situated PHP to make a social bookmarking site

·         Server Side Development with PHP

·         Learn Database Development with MySQL

·         Make a Social systems administration site

·         Figure out how to manufacture beginning from Web Forms till the complex web applications and substance administration frameworks.

Target Audience:

·         Freshers/Total Beginners

·         Anyone who wants to learn web programming in PHP-MYSQL

·         Web Designers who Want to Learn To Code

·         Those Considering a Career in Web Development


Today, a large portion of the organizations are led through the web because of its worldwide scope and simple availability. Additionally the clients on the web expanding step by step with gigantic measures of information being transferred and imparted online on the web. There was a need of an influential backend scripting dialect which could cooperate with the servers and handle different databases. This is the place PHP comes into picture. It is a free and mainstream server side scripting dialect utilized by in excess of 82% of the current sites on the planet. It is fundamentally known for the production of Dynamic Web pages on the Internet. Not at all like programming dialects like ASP .Net and Java; PHP is not difficult to utilize and incorporates straightforward organizations, strategies and peculiarities which can be gotten a handle on effortlessly by anybody. Site based on PHP works effectively and incorporates quick information handling gimmicks. Besides, PHP is good with all the working frameworks accessible in the business. The best part is that it utilizes HTML based scripting which makes it simple to coordinate with the Website code and helps you create extraordinary web applications.

Famous Websites using PHP:

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Yahoo


Wordpress is trending nowadays, it is new technology CMS (Content Management Solution) which makes website so easier and consume less time. Check the course content below to know more.